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Dr. T. M. Bailey.

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Hamilton Mountain Heritage Society

Recovering, recording and preserving the history of
"The Mountain" in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Coming Meetings of the HMHS
The Hamilton Mountain Heritage Society meets at The South Gate Presbyterian Church, 120 Clarendon Ave., Hamilton. Their meeting time is 7:30 pm. Admission is free and free parking is available in the church lot. Refreshments are served. However, due to the risks associated with Covid-19 the meetings of the HMHS have been postponed until further notice.

Be sure to read the latest HMHS newletter Bailey's Bulletin for November 2019

Incline Wall Mural
At its May meeting the HMHS agreed to sponsor, in co-operation with the Concession Street Business Improvement Area, a historal wall mural. It is displayed on the west wall of the former Royal Bank Building (now the new home of the Cancer Assistance Program) overlooking the parking lot near the corner of Concession Street and Summit Avenue. It is one of several such murals designed to enliven the Concession Street area. This one highlights the Incline which operated just a block away from where the mural now depicts this element of our community's past. As you can see it also features the HMHS logo. Make a point of taking a look at it the next time you are on Concession Street. Click on the image for a more detailed view.

War Amps Club on the Mountain?
Does anyone have recollections of The War Amputations Club located at 456 Mountain Park Drive, that functioned in the years after WWII? It was described as being on a large property with tennis courts, basketball courts, and a large swimming pool. It was also described as being in the area between the Mountain Brow and Concession Street near East 32nd. Street. It is reported as still being in operation in the period of 1956-1958. An inquiry has been received about this property and we would be delighted to be able to respond with the memories or photographs that others may have of that location, Responses may be directed to:
Note: An interesting response has been received to this inquiry and more information will be posted on the website soon.

Interested in Local History? Treat yourself to some interesting reading or buy a gift for a friend who has an interst in local history. Visit the HMHS Publications Page to see what we have to offer.

It Happened
on the Mountain
This is a collection of articles originally written by the Rev. T. Melville Bailey for publication in the Mountain News between March 1988 and August 1990. It is now being published in booket form for the first time and released in January 2017. The cost is $10.00. This is a "must have" resource for the collector of Hamilton Mountain history. To view a poster related to this publication select It Happened on the Mountain. It may be ordered directly from the Society at

The speaker at the January 2015 HMHS meeting was Gary Evans who has produced an extensive series of historical pictorial publications relating to the Hamilton area. He also maintains two pictorial collections on Facebook that will be of interest to the heritage community. You may wish to check out Vanished Hamilton and Hamilton Historical Photos.

We have added a new feature to our website
Many in our community have become familiar with the monthly columns that Bob Williamson, one of our members, has been writing for the Mountain News under the title "Mountain Memories." To facilitate access to this material Bob's columns are being archived on this website. New items will be added monthly. Check out Mountain Memories

Portrait of Isaac Buchanan Unveiled
On September 18, 2013, a portrait of Isaac Buchanan was unveiled at its new home in Buchanan Park School. The portrait, owned by the Hamilton Mountain Heritage Society, is on loan to the school. Our ultimate dream is that Auchmar will be restored and remain a public building and the portrait of Buchanan can then grace its walls. The drama of the unveiling ceremony was enhanced by the presence of an Honour Guard from the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry.

You Were Asking
One of our goals is to encourage people in the Mountain Community to pursue their own personal, and community research projects. We have devoted a page of our website to publicizing some of these projects with the hope that others who visit here may have something of value to contribute. Amongst our recent inquiries ...
    Someone wrote asking for information about the Twin Schools on the Mountain. We were able to supply some information and as a consequence the HMHS now has some additional photos in its archives.
    An inquirer asked for information about an old Hamilton pop bottling company (probably between 1930 - 1970s) called Majestic Beverage Co (Hamilton, ON). They would like to know where the company was located, how long they were in business, what brands of soda pop they produced, etc.
    We were contacted recently by someone researching the 5th. Regiment of Lincoln Militia (which included recruits from Barton Township). They would like to connect with anyone who shares this interest.
    Another recent inquirer is a descendant of Daniel and Elizabeth (Windecker) Young of the Barton area and is seeking information and photographs. To see the details of these and other inquiries click on You Were Asking.

The HMHS is Now on Facebook
Be amongst those who visit and "Like" the HMHS Facebook page. Current news and highlights related to the HMHS are posted there. To visit us on Facebook click the Facebook icon in the right hand column.

Mountain Memories

To secure more information about "Mountain Memories", a wonderful pictorial history of the Hamilton Mountain or for additional information about the various publications that are currently available through the Society click on HMHS Publications.

Gary Kaulback Releases another Heritage DVD
Gary Kaulback's first DVD,"On the Mountain" provided an excellent introduction to the history and heritage of Hamilton Mountain. He has since produced two additional DVDs that focus on the historical heritage of the Hamilton community - "On the Bay" and most recently "On the Town." For more information about these videos, sample footage and information about where they may be purchased visit

Questions about our community?

Visit our "You Were Asking" page to learn how to submit questions or to help with the challenge of finding answers.

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