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Community Concerns

The Hamilton Mountain Heritage Society is not merely interested in preserving our community's past. Our interest and attention is also focused on the things happening around us on the Mountain in Hamilton today. And, of course, with all responsible citizens we share a concern for how our community will develop in the future.

Consequently, the Executive of the HMHS continues to monitor a number of plans and initiatives for the Mountain. These are issues that have significant present and future implications. Here are some of the initiatives taken recently by the HMHS.

In March of 2015 the HMHS requested that the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board discontinue its current policy of renaming schools which are continuing to operate at their current locations. Select School Naming Policy to view the appeal that the HMHS submitted on this matter.

The HMHS also took the following initiatives in 2014:

We asked the City of Hamilton to begin the process to designate G. L. Armstrong School as a heritage site. To read that request select Armstrong School.

We also asked the City of Hamilton to begin the heritage designation process for Chedoke House. Choose Chedoke House to view that request.

The HMHS wrote to the Ontario Heritage Trust, who presently hold title to Chedoke House, asking them to keep us informed of any future plans for the building. Select Ontario Heritage Trust for details.

The HMHS requested that the Doors Open Committee of Hamilton select Chedoke House as one of the featured sites for Doors Open 2015. To view that request select Doors Open.

The HMHS wrote to Councillor Whitehead of Ward 8 to make him aware of the deterioration of the pillars on Sanatorium Road opposite the vacant sanatorium. The correspondence includes historical details and photos. To view this correspondence select Sanatorium Pillars.

The HMHS has a continuing interest in heritage issues relating to the Hamilton Mountain. We invite you to share our interest in these and similar concerns in our community.

We would like to hear from you!

Communications for the HMHS as well as comments and suggestions concerning this website may be directed to Bob Bernhardt, the HMHS Webmaster, at: