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We get many inquiries from people who are interested in the history of Hamilton and especially of the Mountain area. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a research service. However, we do post some of those questions here with the expectation that other visitors may have insights to share. To protect everyone's privacy no e-mail addresses are posted. Questions and responses may be directed to the e-mail address provided below and we will try to connect people who share a common interest. This page is organized with the most recently posted material at the top and the older inquiries towards the bottom. Since the inquiries have been fairly numerous we are introducing a new format for this page. The more complicated inquiries will be represented here with some key descriptive words and a link to a separate subpage where details and photos can be presented without making this page hopelessly long. Explore these entries. There may be topics that interest you.

A individual doing research on the Highcliffe survey on the Mountain is seeking information about a Mrs. Game who was once a property owner in this area between Inverness Avenue and the brow on the west side of Upper Wellington Street. Has anyone come across this name in their historical research concerning the Mountain?

101 Knyvet Street on the Mountain. The house numbering on Knyvet has apparently been changed several times. Someone is doing some background research on this home currently numbered 101 which, before the lot was divided, they believe used to be addressed on Inverness Avenue. They would love to learn details of the earlier history of this home which has had additions added to it and would be thrilled to locate any old photographs of the house. Any information would be welcomed.

A resident on East 24th. Street on the Mountain is curious about how there came to be "a sort of triplex situation" on that street which resulted in a house address of 31 1/2 between # 31 and #33. Does anyone know the story behind this?

A person researching the Doubleday family who lived on East 24th Street from 1924-1934 is seeking photographs of Hamilton and Hamilton Schools in the 1920s and 1930s. Select Doubleday for additional details.

A person researching the 5th Regiment of Lincoln Militia during the War of 1812 is interested in contacting others with a related interest. For additional details select Lincoln Militia.

I am a descendant of Daniel and Elizabeth (Windecker) Young who helped establish the Barton area while living on Elizabeth's UE land grant. One of Daniel's sons, Peter and Hannah (Riselay) Young had a child named Edmund Young. In particular I am interested in any photographs of the Edmund and Eleanor (Runchey) Young to complete my photographic family tree.

I've been looking around for photos of streets and war time houses on east 24th street beside the Burkholder Drive Secondary school, as I used to live there under geared to income homes in the 1970s. Those homes were all torn down and I have not been able to find any photos of the area from that earlier era. Can anyone help?

I recently purchased a copy of Mountain Memories. What a great book! LOTS of rare images of the Incline Railways (an area of interest for me). I noted that under the picture of the tickets on page 19, there was a comment that mountain residence paid 2 cents for a ride, while city residents paid 5 cents. This is a pretty big difference - certainly back in the 1920s. Any idea what the reason for this price difference was?

419 Upper Sherman This property was known as the "ice house" because a former owner operated a bagged and block ice sales business out of a hut on the property. It is believed that at one time this property was owned by the Tuck family, who operated a garage on the adjacent property across from the top of the Sherman cut. We have tried to find pictures of the house from that era, but to date, have been unsuccessful.

The Mountain Park Avenue Bridge We have been contacted by a person doing research on the Mountain Park Avenue Bridge built in 1930 over the Sherman Cut. In particular, this individual is looking for additional photographs of the bridge, throughout the 20th century. They would like to be able to trace more accurately when the bridge has been altered (new railings, etc).

More questions? Perhaps you are seeking information or photographs related to some local family, property, organization or activity. If so, send us a brief synopsis of your area of interest and we will post it here on our website. Information to share? We are also hoping to hear from people who may have information that will assist others in their search for answers. If so, please contact us and we will facilitate a direct contact with the original inquirer. Questions and responses, as well as comments and suggestions, should be directed to Bob Bernhardt, the HMHS Webmaster, at: